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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

2012 year, number 6

Agglomeration of the Condensed Phase of Energetic Condensed Systems Containing Modified Aluminum

E. A. Lebedeva, I. L Tutubalina, V. A. Val'tsifer, V. N. Strel'nikov, S. A. Astaf'eva, I. V. Beketov
Keywords: energetic condensed systems, combustion products, agglomeration, nanoaluminum, protective coating, aluminum carbide


Thermodynamic analysis of aluminum-containing energetic condensed systems was performed. It was shown that the replacement of aluminum by aluminum carbide led to a decrease in the amount of the condensed phase in the combustion products and a reduction in the specific impulse. The particle size distribution of the condensed phase of samples of energetic condensed systems containing different amounts of aluminum particles coated with aluminum carbide was studied experimentally. It was found that replacing aluminum with a particle size of 18–20 mm nanosized aluminum halved the maximum size of condensed-phase agglomerates of the combustion products.