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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

2012 year, number 6

Effect of Laser Radiation Absorption Efficiency on the Heating Temperature of Inclusions in Transparent Media

V. G. Kriger, A. V. Kalenskii, A. A. Zvekov, I. Yu. Zykov, B. P. Aduev
Keywords: теория Ми, energetic materials, laser initiation, microhotspot model of thermal explosion, Mie theory


The efficiency of light absorption by inclusions of various metals in transparent media is calculated using as an example silver azide, lead, and PETN. It is shown that the absorption efficiency, along with the laser pulse energy density, has a decisive influence on the maximum temperature of heating of the inclusion. Dependences of the maximum heating temperature on the radius of the inclusions are plotted for a pulse duration of ~30 ns. Asymptotic expressions are obtained for the dependence of the maximum heating temperature on the pulse duration for an ensemble of inclusions.