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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

2012 year, number 6

Numerical Simulation of the Influence of an Axially Asymmetric Charge on the Impact Initiation Capability of a Rod-Like Jet

Y.-D. Li, Y.-S. Dong, Sh.-Sh. Feng
Keywords: axially asymmetric, shaped charge, rod-like jet, impact initiation, numerical simulation


With the aim to improve the impact initiation capability of a rod-like jet, this paper presents the influence of an axially asymmetric shaped charge on the jet studied by means of numerical simulations. According to Held's initiation criterion, the impact initiation capability of the jet is affected by the jet tip velocity and diameter. The detonation radius over the longitudinal axis, restricted by the charge radius over the same axis, affects the detonation wave in the charge, the force acting on the liner, and, therefore, the jet velocity and shape. Based on these laws, the structure of the axially asymmetric charge is optimized. Compared with axisymmetric jets, axially asymmetric rod-like jets possess a higher impact initiation capability.