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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

2012 year, number 6

Shock-Induced High-Concentration Nitrogen Doping of Titania

P. Chen, X. Gao, J. Liu, Q. Zhou, F. Huang
Keywords: titania, shock doping, nitrogen resources, shock wave, high concentration


High-concentration nitrogen-doped titania is obtained by detonation-driven flyer impacting on mixtures of TiO2 and different nitrogen precursors. XRD, IR, and XPS spectra are employed to characterize the phase composition, surface absorption, and N-doping concentration of recovered samples. The N-doping concentration is affected by doping nitrogen resources, initial content of doping nitrogen resources, and flyer velocity. A high nitrogen concentration of 13.6 at.% is achieved by shock loading of the mixture of P25 TiO2 and 10 wt.% dicyandiamide (C2N4H4) at 3.37 km/s. A possible shock doping mechanism is discussed.